For Inner Wheel Clubs in Beds, Herts & Bucks

Every 4 years Inner Wheel members from all over the world meet together for an International Convention

Deferred from last year members finally meet together last month, virtually for an amazing trip to India!

‘Inside’ the Convention Hall members listened to the opening speeches and the cultural dances, then to the proposals, discussed and voted on them.  They walked through the Flag Hall, went through the amazing projects completed by different clubs from all over the world, shopped from the bazaar, attended Indian cooking classes - and even took self’ies.

And the whole event closed with a fabulous closing ceremony with folk dances from all different parts of India.

So although the COVID Pandemic it forced the IIW to create a virtual Convention and they succeeded!  

Successfully creating a really unique, well organised experience - possibly even allowing many members to have amazing trip to India who would not normally of been able to go

And the trip ended on the hope that members will be able physically meet again to celebrate the IIW Centennial Celebration in Manchester 2024

More videos can be watched on Facebook, or visit the Convention Web Site

The trip to India lasted two days, with one hundred and four countries from all over the world participating with more than four thousand five hundred Inner Wheel members sharing on one digital platform.

Visitors from the UK were astonished by how the organisers managed achieve the effect of giving participants the feeling that they were there and not just on a video call!